There Are No Jobs In The Global Village

There were plenty of jobs in the Industrial Park. Most of them paid well and included benefits for health care and retirement. Just get a high school diploma and some work experience or an Associate Degree from a Junior College and you were in like Flint. Work in the same place for 25 or more years and you’d be looking forward to a comfortable retirement spent traveling around the country or just gardening at home. Those were the days.

It ain’t at all like that in the Global Village. A high school diploma has little more value than graduation from Kindergarten. They tell me that there are only two types of paid workers in the Global Village; those who give instructions to computers and those who must take instructions from computers.

In the Industrial Park most people worked with their hands. Some were able to work with their heads. Yet the the difference in their paychecks was not that far apart. The distinction between an assembly line worker and a foreman was in the amount of physical and mental ability required to do the job. Most foremen began their career on the assembly line and learned their administrative skills on the job. Some did so well that they were promoted into higher levels of management. This came with fatter paychecks and even better benefits. One important benefit was college tuition reimbursement. This made it possible for aspiring CEOs to earn their MBA compliments of the company they served. It also gave them a leg up in finding their next job should their company go belly up or should they decide to move to greener pastures.

In the Global Village, there are only two ways to get ahead. You either exploit your talents and natural skills or you mortgage your future to earn an advanced degree in your chosen profession. In either case you had better enter the game being fully computer literate and able to do a lot more than surf the Web.

There are no jobs in the Global Village. There are only needs. Company X needs a Customer Service rep who understands their product well enough to address customer problems from a remote office [aka your home]. Company Y needs an Industrial Computer programmer to maintain and update robotic assembly computers. Extensive travel required to support facilities in 5 States.

Rarely will you get a Job Description or an Employment Contract in the Global Village. At best you will get a Payment Voucher which you can invoice upon successful completion of a task or milestone. In order to obtain the Payment Voucher you had to underbid at least 5 qualified people able to meet the need. Your only edge is that you are unencumbered by marriage or geographical preference. Company X will reimburse you for any office equipment you require. Company Y supplies a company car or will pay millage if you choose to use your own car.

So there are no jobs in the Global Village. Your value is proportionate to the needs you can meet and the actionable knowledge you bring to the Project you are awarded.

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