EZMarket vs Traditional Market: what will make a difference?


It's seem in the future we'll become competitor to some famous digital marketplace like envato, templatemonster, creativemarket.
So what will make us different to them?
Let's take a look around. To have a particular view, I'll choose envato for example
As a buyer, after you select an item, click Buy Now, what's next?

It’s require you must to sign up.

You always have to register account on their system to buy or sell.

Ok, let’s sign up, after sign up success, the next step is Billing details with so many fields:

Continue to filling…

Phew! the final step is here

You can choose one of 3 options to payment. If you don’t have any one of them you have to spend a lot of time to complete your payment

So, do you like to facing with all things above to just buy a small code snip, a picture or a template?

Now, return to EZMarket. How you can buy an item on our system?

The first step, of course, choose your item

Click to buy!

Our payment method is build on smart contract. So it’s absolutely an automatic process. User just send their money (ETH, BTC, EZM,…) to our smart contract, they will receive almost immediately the link to download item. No need any register information. That’s why we call our system is EZMarket.

Above I just show you some points that make us different to others. That’s why we believe we can compete to them.

All profit of EZMarket will be distributed to the entire investors corresponding to the number of shares they hold. Join with us to invest for your future

The EZMarket token sale started, at this time, you can get the best rate for the first week is : 1ETH=1300EZM.

Thank you very much!

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