EZMarket — the new way to trading digital assets

Sep 29, 2017 · 3 min read

1 .Why we create EZMarket?
If you are a software developer or an internet content maker, you probably have at least once wanted to buy some code scripts, or a tutorial, or some beautiful website templates that you cannot afford or do not have time to do yourself. Even if you are not a software developer, sometimes you need to buy something for your work such as a photo, an icon or a video clip… So the market for buying and selling digital content is obviously huge.

But until now, all service providers are still providing to users with a complex and painstaking process to engage in the buying or selling, mostly due to payment method.

Some big and famous marketplaces that I know are: envato.com, templatemonster.com, creativemarket.com ... If you want buy or sell something from them, the first step is Register an account with a lot of information to fill (name, email, address, credit card, more and more).

We are software developers for many years. We having been involved in some of marketplaces, we understand the difficulties to that users face when they want to join the system.
Therefore, our goal is creating a convenient and fast shopping process for our users.

That is why we create the EZMarket. We want to change the way to trading digital assets. User come with us will feel so easy and comfortable. With the blockchain technology and smart contract, it is entirely possible.

2. Some of features that our system provide

Decentralized: EZMarket is a decentralized application built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has no centralized authority. It don’t require a middleman to function or to manage a user’s information.
No central point of failure, it's can't be shut down, our items are available at all times.

Easy: With EZMarket, you can buy items with a few clicks. Smart contracts are the bridge on blockchain to connect buyers and sellers.Transactions are completed in a trustless manner and automatically

Fast: We are using decentralized database on blockchain, and caching technology to speed up application. All operations are fast, secured and immediately synchronized

Low fees: Smart contracts save you money since we knock out the presence of an intermediary. You don't have to pay a notary to witness your transaction

Privacy: The payment is executed by smart contract, so it's absolutely anonymous. User don't have to provide any personal information. It makes you stay away from any kind of leak or attack.

3. Author’s fee

We have two types of fee apply for user who want to sell their products on our system.
- For current authors (no account registration): fixed fee is 35% of total revenue of each product.
- For regular authors (registered account): the starting fee is 25% of total revenue of each product. This fee will be descrease base on some criteria such as the total sales achieved, the score from the purchase. And not less than 10%. In addition, we also have discount policy for the referral.

Compare to other marketplaces, they have 55% fee for Non-Exclusive Author and for Exclusive Author is 37.5% decrease to 12.5%.
We are confident we are the cheapest supplier.
Beside, we have another worth functions as immediately withdraw, secure payment and privacy

4. Investor

EZMarket will charge a fee for each product sold. This fee will be equally distributed to the entire investors corresponding to the number of shares they hold. We believe our system will be in top of big marketplaces on the world. This is a valueable investment.

Join with us to become a part on future!

website: https://ezmarket.io
white paper: https://ezmarket.io/assets/wpen.pdf

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