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Working for a Dream

Take a trip upon your dreams

Maybe one day you shall see

Everything is not as green

As it all used to be.

Remember all the good times

When life was plain, and just so fine

When you walked by, and gave them dimes

To those standing there, drinking wine.

Ilusions were once the norm

And everyone had something special to give

But soon the fear began to take form

And one by one, we forgot to live.

The dreams we had were hurriedly gone

With nowhere to go, but the broken sun

Where the few who last come forth to meditate

And seek mental peace, and ovoid the syndicate.

I for once think it’s best to try

To escape the clutches of pure demise

It starts at the top, with mental clarity

And reasonable demands for a decent salary.

This is what life should be

Working for a dream

To fight and breath on slumber’s eve

Eternally grateful to be from a different breed.