I don’t need Marvel when I have the Akiru_warriors

It’s a Monday morning, the beginning of a newly anticipated journey called Bootcamp. After a long period of challenges and wondering if you were ever going to make it to the first week, seeing that congratulatory email that I had made it into Bootcamp was a sight for sore eyes.

Day one and I have no idea what to expect apart from writing code from dusk till dawn. That did not happen, I did write code, but I also met a group of very interesting people. When you start on this path of being a software developer, you quickly realize the importance of having a Team. I will be honest, I had done a bit of programming here and there, but I had never worked with a team of people from diverse backgrounds.

We call ourselves the akiru warriors, thanks to Edna and her creative mind that came up with the name. I just can’t stop laughing when I hear the sound of it and would never utter out the name without laughing. This was the first sign, Edna is creative and you need people like this on your Team. You need someone who does not think like a developer, someone who looks at the environment the way it is.

Ronald. Do you want something solved. This is your to go to guy. For someone that has traversed the world and been all over, Ronald has seen whatever there is to see and as such has an open mind. Always willing to help out whenever you are stuck and seems to have a solution past any code issue you have. If he can’t help you out, he will get up, go inquire from someone else, and while you think he’s just strolled away, a minute or two and he is back with a solution for you.

Leticia. This one is joyous. If you tried coding all day from 8:00 am to 20:00hrs straight, I promise you will be frustrated by all the bugs that just seem to keep pilling up. When you have Leticia on your team, you are certain you are going to have a laugh or two that will relax your mind and also give a nudge to your muscle memory which actually helps you discover the bugs even faster. Don’t ask me how it works, it just works.

George, our Learning Facilitator (LF). I will start by saying, while everyone else was shown their LF, and at that moment in the conference room ours was nowhere to be seen, I thought to my self, if it’s the first day and our facilitator was a no-show, we are so doomed. That was not the case though. We were ushered in a room just before the conference room and that’s where George was. Already waiting for us. He just made it plain simple, with a smile on his face, “I don’t know what we are going to do today”. I knew there and then, this is going to be a joy ride. He is calm and smiles most of the time which gives you the impression that whenever you need assistance, he is definitely willing to help.

My entire team is amazing and I know we are going places.