To the Most Epic People I’ve Met

You guys know who you are. It’s too vain to still mention you.

To be honest, I’m not really that emotional into writing tributes to anyone but this is an exception. I just thought of writing this not because I’m bored or anything but I just recalled those times we did crazy things and laugh about a lot of stuffs and it made me just miss you guys. Haha!

While writing this article, I remembered that it’s been a year and a half ago when the most epic year happened. That time was when we had our last few laughs, ate the same lunch together, go somewhere after school, talk everything about girls, discussed a lot of problems regarding college, together rant about the same stuffs that seems unfair in school, catch up with the TV shows/anime that we earnestly wait each week, seek guidance about our spiritual life, had an enjoyable camp in praising and knowing God more, supported each other in each of our family problems, won the title 2013 FISAA HS Volleyball Champs with unbeatable record (5–0) ;) , had our victory group every Thursday after class, played against each other during break times, reviewed each other minutes before the actual exam, argued about the problems in school, and the never ending love life we once had.

Some say that there would be people who would come and go in our lives but I’d say and I hope that these people are the one who could really stay.

The most memorable situations that I had with them was when I've made those hard and stressful decisions during that time but with their advice I could say that I’m not wrong in turning to them. They had this unique talent in making me laugh so hard even if my heart was falling to pieces. We had those long talks in our Tambayan which makes us feel that we only had each other in this world. We even have this rivalry in school projects that really pushed us to be better. Thank you for not really giving up. Thank you for keeping me grounded. My moments with them is definitely unforgettable. I've had a lot of epic memories with them and I hope you do too.

There are “friends” who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother. — Proverbs 18:24 NLT

I’m grateful to spend my senior year with these guys. I think it’s gonna be a long long long long time till we all meet each other again in complete but I believe and really hope that time would really fly fast. We actually had our plans 3 years from now and I’m really excited about that day. Ilo-ilo! Bora! Tambayan! NF! Around the world trip!

See you guys real soon.

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