picture 1
picture 2
  1. My sprint is to generate ideas associated with exercising. Firstly, I think about what people actually need while they are exercising. For example, I create a APP to recommend different type of good to help people arrange their eating habbit(see picture 1 ). I also create a never stop running shoes(see picture 2) to help people who are lazy and don’t want to run.(This idea seems a little bit crazy haha). Secondly, I ask my friends who like exercising about what they need in gym and I also go to gym to observe some useful information; for example, I found people usually train their arms and legs separately. Thirdly, I sketch my ideas one by one, but I have bad drawing skill, some of them are crazy hahaha~.
  2. I met a problem when I try to sketch sixth idea. that is I didn’t know what to draw, I had used up my ideas. In the future if i meet this problem again, I need to have a rest and then come back to think about my idea again. sometime my brain just stop working, I need to have a rest, to drink a cup of tea or just close my eyes.
  3. What did you like about this project, and why?

I like to create funny and crazy things in this project. When I was young, I usually draw my ideas on paper like cars, planes and some crazy things and I enjoyed this process. In this project, I have a chance to draw my ideas on paper, which excites me. More importantly, I feel so comfortable when I heard that drawing ideas on paper is valuable.

4.In a group project, it is very efficient for designers to show their ideas on paper and have a discussion. sometimes ideas can not be explained verbally, thus sketch is the best tool to store each small idea and display ideas to others . For example, in this sprint I have a lot of ideas about exercising, I sketch them on paper thus I’m able to compare feasibility, complexity and other features among them and choose my favorite one finally. I have to say sketch dose help me alot.