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1. Firstly, I made a plan for my app(the second picture). I wrote functions that will be shown in my app and some important hints that I need to consider when I design it. Secondly, I drew some simple versions of my app and use line to connect them in order to make the whole frame of my app.(see the last picture).Thirdly, I drew every pages more specificity one by one. I also use Adobe illustrator to help me drew hexagons(see the third picture). Finally, I add and correct some small spaces in my app. In the end, I use POP to build up this prototype and record the video.

The link of video is shown bellow

2.I have two problems to build this prototype. Firstly, when I design the formula to count animals, I don’t know how to avoid people from repeating count the same animal several times and of course normal citizens can’t distinguish many different type of animals. Thus I create the hexagon formula — — -one person will approximately count the number of animals in one hexagon and that’s of if he count the same animal several times because other people will count the same hexagon again and then the computer would choose the mean number of different counts. As for second problem,I found it was hard to explain all features of app in a one minute video. Because my English is not good, I have to practice several times to record the video.

3. I like the design part of this project because I have never design a app in the past. More importantly, I enjoy the process of figuring out problems. It’s interesting to convert my thoughts and ideas to reality although it is only a prototype.I’d like to do more these kind of projects in the future. I also find the real happiness in HCDE!

4.I think this app is helpful for animal data collecting in the field of citizen science. For example, in order to keep data accurate, researcher usually need a large group of samples and sometimes these samples are from different this project, research should count the number of animals in a city, which is pretty hard to do that. However, by using this app(Animal Counter) ,every citizen can collect data and upload it to researchers. Thus researchers are able to focus on analyzing data. More importantly, citizens can participate in a research and they would gain scientific concepts if they pay attention to a research or even can be a small researcher in it. So, this app would give citizens and researchers a win-win result.