We all have that album that changed our life forever. Mine was a bit more cringe-inducing than most, but it opened pathways to me that I could not have fathomed discovering without it coming into my life. No, it wasn’t Sgt Pepper’s or The Dark Side of The Moon. It was straight-up commercial “trash” as my parents and friends liked to call it.

I might not have known at the time how important to me this album from the Australian Ministry of Sound (the subsidiary to the UK label) would become, but Sessions Six (2009) taught me not to trust…

Brits are well-known for their dry wit and innovation in the comedy world — From Monty Python and Only Fools and Horses, to Little Britain and Mr. Bean, the English seem to tick all the boxes. Yet, if you look a little further north, you’ll quickly find that no one does a sketch comedy like the Scottish.

Arguably, the king of the Scottish sitcom comedy, BBC program Still Game will be premiering it’s ninth and final series on the new BBC Scotland channel scheduled to launch this Sunday. BBC Scotland have long been hosts of many home-grown sketches and sitcoms…

2018 wrestling stories for Vulturehound.co.uk and Steelchair.

MCW x Progress — Friday 20th April (Review)

“ Jim Smallman’s voice commanded the attention of the room; earth-shaking chants from a capacity crowd at the Thornbury Theatre in Melbourne were hushed by the Progress founder and figurehead, as all eyes rested on him in the centre of the ring.”

Continue reading at: https://vulturehound.co.uk/2018/04/mcw-x-progress-friday-20th-april-review/

Underworld Wrestling: “The End of All Things”

Wrestling with Reconciliation

“It’s been 50 years since the 1967 Referendum, and 25 years since the Mabo Decision of Native Title. Yet, in 2017, Australia is a nation still grappling with the idea of Reconciliation with its First Nations people.

Sport of all kinds has long been a connecting force between Indigenous and non-indigenous Australians, and wrestling is no different. But for many decades, the Australian professional wrestling scene has struggled to be recognised — both locally and internationally.”

Continue reading at: http://rmitcatalyst.com/wrestling-with-reconciliation/

MCW Ballroom Brawl (5th August 2017) — Live Review

Long days. Cold nights. Fatigue and loneliness. Standing in the harsh sun, I’m surrounded by walls of tall jungle. Staring ahead at a steep overgrown path that never seems to end, I hyperventilate. Time passes with each step. My breathing softens as we make it to the summit. I wonder whether I’d be better off dead.

The Kokoda Track (or Trail) campaign of World War II took place in Papua New Guinea. The campaign involved a series of battles between the Japanese and Allied forces throughout the second half of 1942, during the Pacific War. …

Here’s some of my fave pieces of work from last year:

In Defence of Pro Wrestling: Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Start Watching (Junkee.com)

“I wouldn’t really call myself a sports fanatic. There’s only so many I can get around and some people wouldn’t even classify them as such: mixed martial arts, darts, roller derby, and professional wrestling. The latter is pretty ridiculous. I know. It’s sweaty people in tights emulating a high-stakes combat sport, as onlookers chant and heckle at their larger-than-life characters. But there’s something about it that has me absolutely addicted.”


7 Reasons James Ellsworth is Obviously Not a Main-Eventer (WhatCulture.com)

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Erika Reid (Photo by Digital Beard)

Erika Reid: ‘Erika fights. She fights for what she thinks is right.’

Read at: https://bronco-busters.com/2018/05/11/erikareid/

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