You may be right.
David MacGregor

Hello David. Thank you for taking time to provide valuable input. Firstly, sincere condolencies for the loss of your friend Mr Redding. From my understanding of his piece, which I read and reflected on many times, it speaks directly to purpose and the need to seek balance in your personal and professional pursuits. Thus the, in my view, valid connection to the ‘purpose and lifestyle problem’ in the advertising industry I was referring to in my piece.

What I took from it was that you need to make sure to find purpose and balance in your occupation in order to make it “worth it”. I don’t believe any occupation per se can be labelled a waste of time. It is what you do within that occupation. I happen to have found his letter incredibly powerful and I would genuinely love to understand how you felt it was misappropriating or self-serving as that would not have been my intention.. Once again thank you for your thoughts, which are very much appreciated.

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