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EzyStayz to Launch on Global Crypto Exchange Probit

Australian-owned holiday rental website EzyStayz is all set to launch its cryptocurrency EZY on Probit, a global coin-to-coin cryptocurrency exchange. This news is coming a few weeks after the EZY crypto was launched on Korean-based exchange Foblgate.

Over a million listings in over 205 countries across the globe, this blockchain-based holiday rental website is seeking to create a one-in-a-lifetime platform that lets people meet, connect, explore, and travel without limitations. …

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EZY now on Foblgate.com

On April 22, EzyStayz launched its very own cryptocurrency, EZY, on the Korean exchange Foblgate.

Foblgate has established itself as one of the leading blockchain exchanges in South Korea, a country that is responsible for over 35% of all cryptocurrency market activity. …

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We work hard to keep our project going and bring it to the new heights. Here we have some really cool news on what we have achieved in the past 2 months to share with our followers.

Since our project grows we strive to add more value to our website. We’ve decided to focus our efforts on integrations with other services to enrich our functionality with some out-of-the-box solutions with the help of API.

API or Application Program Interface represents a modern technology that helps different online services connect with each other and share functionality for mutual benefits.

Our technical team has worked hard to implement the following 4 APIs that would help us connect with different hospitality software, applications and programs to help hotel operations run on a daily basis. …



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