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EzyStayz Launched New EZY Tokens on Korean Exchange Foblgate

On April 22, EzyStayz launched its very own cryptocurrency, EZY, on the Korean exchange Foblgate.

Foblgate has established itself as one of the leading blockchain exchanges in South Korea, a country that is responsible for over 35% of all cryptocurrency market activity. The network currently supports trading of 19 different cryptocurrencies, and the quantity of coins that are traded daily has steadily increased since the platform’s inception. EzyStayz opted for this exchange, as it is known for its simplicity as well as safety. Even first-time users will be able to navigate the blockchain, and can easily deposit fiat money to purchase tokens.

The launch is being coordinated with the support of DexOne, a South Korean marketing agency with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency sphere. This international partnership helps to ensure that EZY garners as much exposure as possible within the local crypto market, reducing language barriers and improving success rates.

Despite semi-recent volatility issues with bitcoin where values fell to $4,500 USD last month, this primary cryptocurrency has recovered and is now trading at approximately $10,000 USD. This is due to the current increased interest in cryptocurrencies during the ongoing threat of a worldwide financial depression. The United States government is creating multi-trillion-dollar stimulus packages in an attempt to mitigate the economic effects caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this massive financial injection into the system, there is a high risk of inflation, which may also be catastrophic. Crypto analysts believe this will lead to a sharp increase to investing in crypto, which by nature, is impervious to the rates of inflation that fiat currency may struggle with. It is currently estimated that by the end of 2020, the value of the crypto-economy will exceed three trillion dollars. For investors, this marks the perfect time to back crypto, especially a new token such as EZY. Getting in early will offer great prices before the market demand causes price hikes.

Although cryptocurrencies have existed as a valid and increasingly valuable asset for over a decade, there are still very few opportunities to actually spend crypto. One of the struggles that investors in any cryptocurrency face is the fact that they are unable to use it as easily as fiat money. Its value is only useable for goods and services once the crypto has been sold. EzyStayz provides an opportunity to invest in a token that is likely to increase in value over time, but also offers the chance to spend it on luxury holidays and experiences. They are also offering a 25% discount on their services when they are paid for using EZY.

EzyStayz is currently the only Australian owned and operated global online travel agency. The site offers hotels & holiday rentals in 205 different countries, with over 1 million different listings for customers to choose from. They aim to be user friendly for both hosts and customers, creating an experience that leads to satisfaction for all parties. The site is one of the few reputable holiday rental services that accept cryptocurrencies alongside fiat currencies as payment methods, providing users with far greater flexibility in terms of convenience and accessibility.

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