Use alternative insights to enhance your decisions

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The 5 V’s of big data: Volume, Velocity, Variety, Veracity and Value

You are a professional who receives different kind of information every day like emails, news, reports, presentations, surveys, blogs, social media content, etc.

But how do you process all this information and get valuable insight to make better decisions?

Un aperçu du forum stratégique sur l’intelligence artificielle présenté par la CCMM.

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You are a data scientist or a developer and you want to securely share a model or a Web Service, let’s get started!

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Solution Overview

  • Allow authorized users to start a search-and-extract background process using a secured API,
  • Allow authorized users to get access to articles using a second secured API.
  1. publish_rss_feed_search_message(): triggers a Search-and-Extract Process by publishing an event message to a Cloud Pubsub Topic that will start a background process involving multiple steps.
  2. read_news_articles(): returns news articles from Cloud Firestore database. …

An Introduction to web scraping and to Serverless Cloud services.

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  1. A message is published in Cloud Pub/Sub with a URL to an news RSS feed,
  2. A first Cloud Function is triggered by the previous message. It extracts each article within the RSS feed, stores it in Cloud Storage and publishes a message for each article in Cloud Pub/Sub for further…


Izzat Demnati

Passionate about data science, I am eager to learn and share about innovation, technology and machine learning.

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