Do not lose time with superficial conversations

Lately, I’ve been experiencing a lot of chit chats with people I expect to have longer and deeper conversations, people who I expect to share my feelings about what I’ve been going through.

However, all I get is superficial conversations that has nothing to do with feelings and talking through heart. Politics, weather, gossips… And these are the people living in the same city / country with me.

And there are some others who never let you talk, who never let you share your concerns, your problems, your happinesses, nothing. And then, they leave, they never show up until it’s time to empty themselves and fill someone with negativity.

Traveling is perfect but it sucks when it comes to friendships. After living in abroad, I face the real meaning of “missing”. Most of my real friends are in other countries. I don’t have to talk to them every day, but I know they are present when I need them. I know they will sit and listen me. And to some, I’m telling my secrets which I am not even able to tell myself. Real friends listen. They send you positive energy even with 10 seconds of voice messages. When they appreciate or critisize you, you know it’s for real.

Real friends add value to you, they don’t make you feel like you’re losing time. When you feel you’re losing time, leave. Seriously, leave. I’ve been practicing this since I left my heart in many places and realized superficial conversations and friends are not for me.

Stick to your real friends before time interrupts your friendship and creates a big hole that cannot be covered.