I will try to fix you

I always thought I have a superpower which I should use it for my loved ones and make some others my loved ones so I can also show them my superpower: saving people. It might sound selfish for some; however, I aim good.

Recently, I’ve been trying to analyze the way I love people. Nowadays, I am falling for someone each and every day. However, after some dates, I catched myself speaking in my mind like “He does not need to be saved, so what am I going to do with him? How am I going to show him love? Am I gonna love him even if he does not need to be fixed or saved?”.

As a reason of these thoughts, I was also using my broken heart and trying to find a single reason, single thing to save people to attach to myself. In my deepest parts, I knew that if I attach people to myself from their broken, needing to be saved sides, they will not leave me.

I am that girl who wants to save people, who wants to fix people’s lives for them.

I needed to be saved; however, I thought if I cannot fix myself,I fix someone else. I almost forgot about myself and became a fixer except my life. I thought love is about saving, fixing someone’s life for their own good, helping them would keep them in my life.

So what is love? Does it include saving someone?