Like Step App, which we Calo Run, and some other M2E projects, AMAZY is an exact copy of STEPN. It uses the same mechanics (energy, two tokens, upgrading sneakers with in-game items, breeding sneakers, etc).

AMAZY’s tokenomics works like that of STEPN — it’s based on breeding sneakers and depends on new users:

  • Old users need to buy in-game tokens to breed sneakers and maintain the token rate on DEX;
  • New users buy sneakers, thus maintaining the price.

As long as there are new users coming in, the amount of rewards will be high. However, when the crisis hit the M2E sector, AMAZY failed to prove to be a stable project. Prices for in-game items dropped, which resulted in a great reduction in training rewards. For that reason, users, who invested heavily in the game, still cannot return the invested amount, let alone earn a profit.

EZZY Game is based on a better-developed tokenomics with burning mechanism and focus on preventing extreme price swings on DEX. The tokenomics is based on:

  • Burning mechanism — 90% of EZY tokens users use to mint Sneakers is irretrievably destroyed. This is done to protect the project against the oversupply of the EZY tokens. The remaining 10% is spent on the game development.
  • NFT limitations — Sneakers are produced in series in limited quantities so as not to provoke excessive demand/pressure on EZY and sharp withdrawal of tokens from the liquidity pool.
  • Regular change in the EZY Mint Amount required for minting Sneakers. In each new series the amount is adjusted depending on the ratio of EZY and USDT in the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap so that all users of the game (old and new) could be on equal terms and didn’t act against the game’s tokenomics.
  • Durability — after a while, Sneakers wear out and become inactive which prevents cumulative pressure on tokenomics. No one can endlessly “milk” their old Sneakers in EZZY, thus killing the game’s tokenomics.
  • Zero influence from the “whales” — to get maximum reward, a user needs to train 10 minutes a day in each pair of Sneakers so even if the user wants to mint a lot of NFT, they will not be physically able to train 1,000 hours a day.
  • No “investor wish list”. We did not raise funds to launch the app and we have no second token whose growth we have to stimulate.
  • Liquidity support via commissions collected for minting Sneakers.
  • A decentralized bot that runs trading operations on PancakeSwap for maximum stability of the EZY token.

All the mechanics described above are designed to stimulate stable and sustainable demand for EZY and neutralize the likelihood of excessive instability on DEX. In the long term, they can stimulate a gradual rise in demand over supply which can also have a positive effect on tokenomics.

On the negative side, not only has AMAZY copied STEPN, but it uses aggressive marketing. The developers promoted their project with the help of a great number of bloggers and influencers. AMAZY’s developers officially say, “Our influencers of a total audience exceeding 700 million people are the core of our advertising campaign.” Is that really an advantage? We doubt it. AMAZY used aggressive marketing to grab users’ attention, however, today we see the prices for in-game items, rewards for training and community’s involvement dropping.Moreover, their resources have already been exhausted — they won’t find a new audience as everyone has already promoted their project.

But it’s not the case with EZZY Game. We don’t chase the hype and wide publicity, this is why we haven’t promoted the project on a massive scale yet. Our main task is to create a product that will last — it will remain sustainable and usable for years. We have a small community of pioneers who are now enjoying the best perks and will enjoy them in the future. We have already started and will make efforts to make as many people as possible aware of our application. But what we really need is a smooth growth, not only active one.

So, unlike other M2E applications that have already triumphed and collapsed, we are just beginning our path.

EZZY Game website:

Mint NFT Sneakers here:



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