F.edit = Flexible Editing


Perhaps it’s my hope or wish. I’ve been worked as a magazine editor for 15 years. When I quitted the last job and stopped being an editor, everything was confused. Even myself. Who am I? What’s my position from now on.

As time goes on, I just realized that I didn’t want being an editor for a magazine anymore. No magazine, No long piece of writing, No commutes every morning and afternoon. Very simple. I’ve just wanted to do what I like instead of looks nice or sounds good.

Travel, to meet people, to listen about new topic, to see something new, to have good food and to save the earth. Probably everyone loves that. But no one does easily.

So, do I have a good idea that to keep those but also to earn a living? Not yet, unfortunately. Just trying to find stuffs — publishing a book, making a travel guide, promoting with companies and so on. There are sounds of question mark in head.

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