De facto Infinity of Reality

Yesterday i asked myself how i would get my money back, if the internet would no longer work. Except for the real things you can see and feel everything requires the net, even the good ol’ telephone.

So how would i verify that this money or that stock is mine? How would i get them back? And for the real things: how would i pay the fuel for my car, the power for my home? Sure, for many items i have documents, but in case, the internet would not work for more than say a month, everyone would run about like headless chicken, so i guess, no one would even listen to me with my papers. My money would be worth nothing, nada, zip, zilch.


That’s what i would possess if the internet would no longer work.

Bullshit, you say?

You may be right.

But think of the de facto infinity of reality. There always will be something no one would have expected, think of current politics, unbelievable just some years ago. Or think of geomagnetic reversal which might be looming. Or simply a next Great Depression with some riots here and there, everything turning inside out.

No one would talk about self driving cars anymore, surely. In fact, no one would talk anymore about anything, everyone would scream, i guess.

Problem is the complexity. If the internet would be down for a month, the root of the problem would be the unexpectedness, because everything expected would have been solved in days. And problem with the unexpectedness is that it’s really hard to prepare for.

But the longer the internet would be down, the less would work everywhere, because everything depends on communication: Not only my money would fade away, the shopping malls and service stations would run dry and even worse, hospitals, police, fire and rescue services could help no longer.

And in the end the only functioning regions would be the poorest parts on Earth, because the people there know how to survive with nearly anything.

Doom ‘n Gloom Bullshit, you say, you don’t want to live in fear your whole life?

You are right. It doesn’t make any sense to freeze in angst.

But we teach our children the 101 despite the fact, that we ourselves calculate the easiest multiplication with our computers. Why? Because we intuitively know that the human brain always has to keep control, think of the fears of AI. And to keep control you have to know how something works so that you are able to rate results — and this can help you in case that your fine tools betray you.

And to the survivalists — for humans it isn’t enough to survive, especially not for modern humans used to a constant flow of input and resources, used to know how the weather is in the Antarctic and to play the most interesting games of the last decade.

So maybe we cannot prepare for the unexpected — but maybe we can prepare ourselves for a total y different life?