What should we do if the president is a liar?
Bernie Sanders

What we should do? Stop calling him a liar — just to avoid to waste your and our time.

We face a new strategy of the Law of The Strongest, the complement of democracy: the sheer overload of the democratic community by a pemanent stream of lies, injustice and corruption. But we all have lifes to live, bills to pay, children to care for, we do not have the time to march against each and every of these awful things now happening in the whole world.

So we also have to find a new way to defend democracy, biz as usual doesn’t work any longer.

We must stop reacting — ok, we must try to help the victims, but we should stop to sacrifice our time to the fuhrers, because in that we pay them with attention and some kind of respect, they don’t deserve.

Instead let us tell the people why we do not follow the fuhrers, why they are wrong and we have to do it unsexy: Fact-bound, impersonal, unemotional, all the things, marketing divisions and PR people call a disaster, but look, who wins with PR methods — it’s not us.

We must tell the people, that democracy is not a gift of the rich and powerful to the rest of us, that democracy is not a luxury item of modern life like energy and internet.

Democracy is the most efficient type of cooperation in volatile environments.

That’s why humankind is the most intelligent, most social and most fair-minded species on Earth, because in volatile times you simply need every good idea to survive.

The successful and powerful people aren’t really good in good ideas, for power corrupts and success blinds for new problems.

Therefore democracy is based on justice to avoid friction losses, to allow an unhindered flow of work to be done and ideas to be spread and to ensure, that this work can be done by sufficient ressources for anyone. Look at hardware networks — there is something to learn for us how controllers do their jobs without creating poverty as fuhrers.

We have to understand democracy, because there are so many problems today, some of them really dangerous, that we simply can’t afford to conveniently subdue to single thought leaders. Again we live in volatile times where every good idea may help us — but good ideas for new times are hard to find in mainstream, so don’t yearn for Silicon Valleys money making machine.

We have to understand democracy, so that we can debate on it wherever interests collide — beyond personal argumentations, beyond accusations and violations, we have to define a fact-bound, makeable, impersonal model of cooperation and ressource sharing.

As history shows us, there are two basic problems for democracy: The amount of group participants involved and the members not willing or able to participate correctly.

The first problem has to be solved by a hierarchical construction of involvement, hard enough with millions of participants and millions of decisions to be made each day.

But the really hard thing is how to treat the undemocratic — not only the criminals, but also people who don’t want to accept, that the freedom in democracy requires harsh self control and self discipline.

How shall we shield democracy from greed, egomania, stupidity or sheer vandalism?

Don’t answer too fast — because democracy needs justice needs the respect for each and every individual, even the worst (which doesn’t mean laissez faire).

So how shall we shield democracy from greed, egomania, stupidity or sheer vandalism — without denying them their rights in case they change their minds?

Let us believe in the intelligence of people, let us believe in humanity and the ability to sacrifice and to share, to care for and to look forward to protect the future for our children.

Stop fighting against the rich and powerful — too rich and too powerful for us little guys, we have to spare our energies.

Start thinking about democracy — how to share power, how to make decisions with millions and millions of participants and things to be considered and how to deactivate the undemocratic people without refusing respect and second chances.

Tell people why democracy is necessary — and find the makeable ways to realize democracy, not only with glamourous words and promises but with practicable formulas and maybe even todo lists.

Then we will gather at least all the intelligent people with children around us, because we are the only ones to help them protect the future for their kids.