The art of summarizing from the book “you say, i say” has taught me some interesting points that i can use in my daily academic life after my ESL program.

It has taught me several things like:

  • Read and reread the text you're summarizing until you get every single point stuck in your head like a catchy song.
  • Write down main ideas of each passage in a separate piece of paper.
  • Remove any extra information like quotations.
  • When writing the summary make sure to mention the author because you’re basically rewriting his words not your own.
  • Make sure to block out any personal opinions and point of views from the summary.
  • You may emphasize the author’s ideas that you do agree with so that they over shine the ideas that you don’t agree with, but keep in mind you have to include every idea that the author mentions even if you strongly disagree with it.

In the end, have fun because you’re going to finish summarizing and start with writing your own opinions!