23 Things Missing — When He’s Not Around (Anymore)

  1. No wake-up call, no good morning & nighty night text
  2. No ‘meaningless’ talk
  3. No random places to go when both of you bored of routine
  4. No accompany for last minute calls for your favorite movies
  5. No riding in motorcycle around the city when it gets dark
  6. No ‘i walk you home, safely’ buddy
  7. No serious phone talk
  8. No ‘i miss you 24 hours’ when you only get separated for 2 weeks
  9. No more selfie-in-the-car photos
  10. No more ‘where do you want to eat?’ questions
  11. No more ‘you can’t get mad at me all day long’
  12. No more ‘i’m in front of your house’ text or call
  13. No more ‘you know, today i was…’ talk and the other stuff
  14. No more ‘hey, do you want to try this new cafe?’
  15. No more stupid jokes and that stupid smiles
  16. No more butterfly in your stomach
  17. No more those sparkling eyes
  18. No more dimple that you’ll always get jealous of
  19. No more shoulder that always there for you to cry
  20. No more hugs
  21. No more kisses before night
  22. No more ‘I care for you, pleas stay’ talk
  23. No old-me
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