7 Incredibly Clever Fashion Tips For Curvy Ladies

From what I have learned, sexy and confident come in different sizes and shapes, colours and races. Yet there seems to be a misconception in the society that tells us only slim is sexy, slim is beautiful, which is a far cry from the actual reality. It’s a little frustrating that in the era when gay marriage is legal in different parts of the world, we still have to raise our voices to make people realize that curvy can be sexy too, plus size women are beautiful too.

Being sexy and looking confident doesn’t necessarily depend on your body shape, rather it depends on how you present yourself, how well you are able to tap into your own unique style. If it’s on me, I would suggest (strongly) not to let the world and false society standards decide whether you are sexy or not. Whether curvy or slim, let your choices and styling sense speak for themselves.

Get A Bra That Fits

An ill-fitted bra can ruin any dress regardless the dress type. When it comes to sexy clothing for plus size women, a good quality, well-fitted bra, has an even greater influence on your overall appearance. Voluptuous women tend to have bigger breasts, so adding extra padding may not always be a good thing. The cups should be comfortable, the band should lie perfectly parallel with the chest without riding upwards, holding everything firmly in place. Wide straps can provide extra support, but with a strapless dress, you need to go on with a strapless bra.

Don’t Put On Layers of Clothes


No matter what the body type/shape is, a huge portion of this whole ‘being sexy’ thing depends on choosing the right kind of clothing and carrying them off with confidence. Plus size women often make the mistake of hiding all those beautiful curves under a big pile of clothes. Show off your curves! Bearing too much is also not recommended for casual day-to-day wear, but don’t be afraid to show the right amount of skin with carefully chosen pieces that compliment your curves perfectly. Subtle skin showing around the neck-line or the back can make you elegant without being too racy. Plus, a peek-a-boo situation in the cleavage section is always a winner!

Dress According To Your Shape

PHOTO CREDIT: thejeansblog.com

Know your curves and your body! A woman must know where she wants to draw the maximum amount of attention. Most plus size women are blessed with the classic hourglass figure desired by many women. If you happen to have it, just show it off! No tips for you. Well probably two (very essential), choose dresses with cinched waistlines that will accentuate your beautifully curved waistline and draw attention to it. Avoiding ruffles and lots of textures around the shoulder line is also advisable, it can make the shoulders broader than they already are. If you have a pear-shaped figure, chose separate pieces for the individual body part. Regardless of your figure, if you happen to be a plus size diva, avoid wearing clothes that cling to your body, go for well-fitted ones that just skim your shape instead.

Watch out the Length


Be it the length of the sleeves or the dress or the skirt, it’s essential to monitor where these all end. Regular t-shirt sleeve length is not well suited for a plus size body. Opt either for three-quarters or go sleeveless. For short dresses or skirts, the hemline should be above or at the knee. The knee length dresses visually elongate the legs. So never go below the knee and stop awkwardly in the middle! While choosing a long gown or skirt, you can go for side slits. The slit will do the same thing as your knee length dress, adding an extra sultry vibe to your look.

So What about Pants


A pair of straight cut washed out skinny jeans can never go wrong. Go for sexy form fitting slim cuts rather than bootcut. Make your pair a little washed out and match it up with a cute tunic or kaftan on a daytime or sexy jacket paired up with a fitting top underneath for night outs. Too many embellishments, pockets, and other accessories on the jeans can draw unwanted attention to the wider parts of the body. If you want to swap the jeans with a pair of leggings, you are very much welcome to do that!

Colours and Patterns


Colours and patterns can play a big role in your plus size wardrobe. Key things to remember here, bigger patterns can make a structure appear bigger, and smaller patterns do the opposite. Dark colours create contrasts and shadows, provide depth and lighter colours highlight the features. Mix up bright, vibrant colours with darker ones, depending on which part of the body you want to highlight. Dresses for plus size women should involve fewer big patterns and horizontal stripes, which is a great no-no as horizontal lines add up to the width of the body. For added texture stick to smaller patterns and vertical strips.

Seal the Deal with a Pair of Sexy Shoes


Amp up your sexiness with a pair of classic high heels. Bright coloured platform heels also help to highlight the legs. But if comfort is the main concern, try pump shoes with pointed toe. Nude coloured shoes will give an illusion of extra length to your legs.

And finally my last tip to look fabulous and sexy will be, forget everything I said above! Wear whatever you feel like wearing that particular day and carry it with sheer confidence. Confidence is the best accessory a girl can wear and a confident girl is without a doubt sexy. Be confident in your own skin, love your body, take good care of your hair, skin, nails. Eat and drink healthy. Think positive and let your inner glow make you glamorous. Sounds clichéd, I know, but trust me it works!

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