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The Burrow in Portrane is a sandy spit of land in North Dublin that separates the Rogerstown estuary from the Irish Sea and is currently facing drastic coastal erosion. The peninsula was created during the Quaternary geological period when the melting ice sheets made sea level rise from 100 meters below sea level to its current position (stabilising 5,000 years ago), forming this barrier-island system (1). A barrier-island system is a sand dune spit between a coastal lagoon and the sea. The exposed sediment was moulded over thousands of years by this dynamic coastline system through the power of the wind, the sea and the waters in the Rogerstown estuary. …


Fernanda Terra Stori

Fernanda is an oceanographer interested in social-ecological systems. She obtained her PhD in 2010 (UFSCar/Brazil) and currently works at MaREI/UCC (IRL).

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