Infinity symbol with the word forever in it
Infinity symbol with the word forever in it

Recently I got introduced to MURAL from a workshop exercise we did with the UX Chapter in (Chapter is the Agile terminology for team).

In case you are interested, more about Agile Team Organisation click on the link below.

MURAL is a digital workspace for remote visual collaboration.

Simply put what’s on your mind on sticky notes. Then organise in lists, flowcharts, diagrams, frameworks, methods and drawings to activate and align your team.

BOOM you got it all in one place for everyone in the team to view and provide input and feedback.

So after the workshop with the Chapter, I started looking into what else I can…

An iPhone and Apple Watch bestseller game is pushing the boundaries of fiction.

Texting with an astronaut stranded on the moon that’s the idea behind Lifeline, a mobile game that makes you the sole point of contact for the survivor of a spaceship crash.

The first time you hear from Taylor, a frightened young student who just emerged from an escape pod in an alien desert, the situation is dire. There’s no food, no water, no way off the surface, and only one person in range to talk to you.

Although you can play the game on an iPad or…

iMac G3: The Macintosh That Saved Apple

The iPhone inherits its initial-”i” pattern from the earlier-introduced iMac. From the “History” section of Wikipedia’s iMac article:

Ken Segall was an employee at an L.A. ad agency handling Apple’s account who came up with the name “iMac” and pitched it to Steve Jobs.

Jobs wanted the product to be called “MacMan”, but eventually warmed to Segall’s suggestion.

Segall says that:

The “i” stands for “Internet”, but also represents the product as a personal and revolutionary device.

‘i’ for “individuality” and “innovation”.

Apple later adopted the ‘i’ prefix across its consumer hardware and software lines, such as iPod, iBook (later…

So this is the Story about an SVG and how the paths(pathdata for android devs) where exporting from Illustrator.

this is the Control icon.

So with a simple SVG export from Illustrator the Pathdata on Android would display like this:

<vector android:height=”24dp” android:viewportHeight=”80.0"
android:viewportWidth=”80.0" android:width=”24dp” xmlns:android=”">

<path android:fillColor=”#FFff0000" android:pathData=”M31.5,32c2.5,0 4.5,2 4.5,4.5v1c0,2.5 -2,4.5 -4.5,4.5h-1C28,42 26,40 26,37.5v-1c0,-2.5 2,-4.5 4.5,-4.5H31.5M31.5,30h-1c-3.6,0 -6.5,2.9 -6.5,6.5v1c0,3.6 2.9,6.5 6.5,6.5h1c3.6,0 6.5,-2.9 6.5,-6.5v-1C38,32.9 35.1,30 31.5,30L31.5,30z”/>

<path android:fillColor=”#FF000000" android:pathData=”M49.5,38c2.5,0 4.5,2 4.5,4.5v1c0,2.5 -2,4.5 -4.5,4.5h-1C46,48 44,46 44,43.5v-1c0,-2.5 2,-4.5 4.5,-4.5H49.5M49.5,36h-1c-3.6,0 -6.5,2.9 -6.5,6.5v1c0,3.6 2.9,6.5 6.5,6.5h1c3.6,0 6.5,-2.9 6.5,-6.5v-1C56,38.9 53.1,36 49.5,36L49.5,36z”/>

<path android:fillColor=”#FFff0000" android:pathData=”M32,28v-4.1c0,-1.1 -0.4,-1.9 -1,-1.9l0,0c-0.5,0 -1,0.8 -1,1.9V28c0.3,-0.2 0.7,-0.2 1,-0.2S32,27.8 32,28z”/>…


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