Harvey Specter: Entrepreneur Under Veil

“When you’re backed against the wall, break the goddamn thing down.”

One can never get enough of ‘Suits’ story line, the court cases, Joint Ventures etc. and unlike Bollywood movies it remains almost unpredictable with sudden twists and intelligent (mostly out of the box) outcomes.

My favorite character in ‘Suits’, it has got to be Harvey Specter.

A successful and accomplished lawyer, Harvey commands great respect for his professional acumen. His tools are not confined to just core competence but also include a great deal of innovative approach and being street smart. I often wonder, what if Harvey was an entrepreneur!? I vouch he would be a hugely successful one, for the traits and qualities demonstrated by this character are exactly what top B-schools strive to infuse in their students. His qualities are surely worth taking note of:

-Think Big

Harvey believes that you would not become a great success by just sitting back and letting things come to you. Don’t just manage crisis, seek opportunity in each crisis. As he says, “you are never going to win big if you only look to minimize your losses.”

-Take Risks

Of course, calculate it risk and not blindly. However well considered risks have great potential to reward you with ‘out of proportion’ success. Harvey has this wonderful knack of choosing well thought and calculated risks while avoiding rushing into a risk blindly. The latter is a sure recipe for disaster and must be avoided by all entrepreneurs just as Harvey does.

-First Impression Is Crucial

Harvey is dressed meticulously most of the times, as he feels that one’s appearance is as important as one’s talent. Of course, first impression is largely based on the way one is dressed up, the body language and non-verbal communication and Harvey surely tops it all.

-Remaining Calm Through the Storm

A good entrepreneur would never succumb to stressful situations. Harvey, again and again shows his ability to maintain composure even when faced with hopeless and tough situations. A calm and resolute a leader in fuses great confidence and hope in his entire team.

-Break Not, But Bend the Rules (if so required)

Very often, rules bind us and hold us pack rather than helping us make a positive progress. Harvey is not entangled by rules as he says, “Playing by the rules will get you nowhere.” For successful entrepreneur, it’s important to be aware of how to bend the rules or even circumvent them all together.

-Know Your Competition Thoroughly

It is not enough to excel in what you are doing and just getting engrossed in yourself. Understanding your competitors, their strategies and plans is equally important. Harvey says, “Life is a game of chess, and it is important to give yourself an advantage by staying a few steps ahead of your competitors”. Indeed, pearls of wisdom for an entrepreneur.

-Rookies Bring Fresh Ideas

Freshers are generally ignored for their lack of experience but that doesn’t mean they lack ideas too. Harvey cares and develops his protégé, Mike Ross, respects Mike’s ideas and suggestions, which in turn helps him to see things in a different way and win cases.

-Flexibility and Adaptability

Rigidly relying on logics while making far reaching decisions is not the correct approach. At times listening to your intuitions refines your decision. Harvey uses the traits of being flexible and adaptable in many situations, especially when he hires Mike Ross despite the latter being without proper law degree.

-Find Solutions

One should not just whine about a problem, rather find solutions to fix it. Harvey does so repeatedly, that too in spectacular fashion and the same is expected from an entrepreneur.

As is evident from the characteristics shown by Harvey Specter, he would certainly make a great and successful entrepreneur.