Face to Face Broadcasting Should Be Free

Like you, we believe that speaking with an audience in person is the most powerful way to share ideas, collaborate, and entertain.

Yes, using technology helps us reach more people, but it reduces our impact. It makes it difficult to interact with our audience. It’s often cumbersome and expensive to use. And our ability to earn revenue is limited by the technology companies who seem to take more than their fair share.

We thought there should be a better way.

So we created an empowerment company to support you.

We believe that you and the people in your audience should be able to see and hear each other, regardless of audience size.

We believe that using technology to connect with your audience should be easy and free for both you and your audience members.

We believe that you should keep the majority of revenues earned by your efforts.

With these beliefs in mind, we invented face to face broadcast technology to empower you, so you can interact in real-time with audiences up to 1,000,000 people for free.

You use this technology to:

  • create the most lifelike audio-visual experience possible,
  • speak with groups of up to 1,000,000 people,
  • invite anyone in your audience to instantly join you “at the front of the room” where they can be seen and heard by everybody, and
  • earn revenue, if you wish, and keep the majority of it.

Our technology is single-click easy to access and use, and most of its functions are free.

We promise to empower you as you share your ideas, collaborate with colleagues, and entertain your friends and fans.

Geige van den Top, Dan Briggs, and Alex Glassey
Co-Founders of the FaceToFace Broadcasting Company