How I realised and differentiated my passion from chaos.

Following your passion | Image courtesy ashish sah

How do you analyse if something is better than other, which has more priority? I insist only two things can help you take decisions, they are:

  1. be honest with yourself (it’s your life, and you are gonna be affected). If the decision affect others lives, they too deserve to be informed.
  2. believe in your guts and just do what’s right for you (discipline is the key).

Now, how would you figure out what’s right for you? Maybe what your heart says, or what your mind says, or what your parents and…

In school, we were taught of a story named Princess September, where the princess captured a Nightingale by believing in her sisters who had plotted to kill the nightingale (seize its freedom of flying) to which the little bird revolted by going on a hunger-strike and desiring to see the wonderful lakes, trees, and pond by flying over them. Later the youngest sister, September (the 9th daughter of the king. …

Use EasyEngine to manage your WordPress, HTML and PHP websites easily

There are many developers who don’t like to do the same thing (I mean typing the same usual SSH commands in Linux for doing the same job). Imagine, if you were ordered to install 50 WordPress blogs/portfolio site in just 1 server by your client, and you were restricted to use any web panel for management, what would you do? Or maybe your client or you can’t afford the cPanel charges. Umm Stuck, right?

Would you be typing the same commands for each domain directories? and installing WordPress over…

Animesh Singh

Web Developer from Jamshedpur, a tranquil observer.

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