This post talk about Python and what is the differences and how use a mutable and inmutable objects, how to identify them and how use them.

Ok, let's go!

id() is an inbuilt function in Python. As we can see the function accepts a single parameter and is used to return the identity of an object. This identity has to be unique and constant for this object during the lifetime. Two objects with non-overlapping lifetimes may have the same id() value.

The output is the identity of the object passed. …

In general the the libraries are so important when work in C, because with them can be collect header files, which are used by other programs.

How do they work

These object files are then turned into a library in the form of an archive by the ar archiver (a program that takes files and stores them in a bigger file without regard to compression). The filename for the library usually starts with “lib” and ends with “.a”; e.g. the libc.a file contains the Standard C library and the “libm.a” the mathematics routines, which the linker would then link in.

Basically when you write ls -l and press the [enter] key on in your Linux Shell it will list all the files and directories and show all permissions, owners, size, and created date one by one, file or folder in you working directory in your terminal.

A symbolic or soft link is an actual link to the original file, whereas a hard link is a mirror copy of the original file. If you delete the original file, the soft link has no value, because it points to a non-existent file. But in the case of hard link, it is entirely opposite. Even if you delete the original file, the hard link will still has the data of the original file. Because hard link acts as a mirror copy of the original file.

In a nutshell, a soft link

  • can cross the file system,
  • allows you to…

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