On death, thinking and historical memory

Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, one of the most influential Iranian political leaders passed away recently. I can not say that I knew the man. He was fairly famous indeed. I can guess that he was smart, he was successful enough to achieve his dreams to an extent, he had made mistakes, seen their results and without a doubt, he was a thinker and a good one too. I also know that he was partially responsible for the hardships we suffered as a nation, the hardships we continue to suffer as an Iranian. 
In fact, I do not want to talk about him now, I want to talk about us, always mentioning such men who run our world, who influence our lives directly or indirectly with their hidden hands, sometimes calling them villains and sometimes making them heroes. I see people’s emotions are being manipulated and used as a tool, or even as a weapon, by the authorities. It is very interesting how we judge them, take sides or support them. The sad truth is, in general most of us are pawns, even if we do not know it, even if we do not like it, even if we do not believe it, we are willingly being abused. We want to be seen swimming against the current, but we are just feeding our ego, we are just taking sides emotionally to be a part of the wave, just because we feel that is the right thing to do, just because they look like the good guys and we do not have any alternatives. And our fathers have already seen where this path leads to. 
We need to think more. That is how we can save ourselves, that is how we can make a difference and that is how we may be able to thrive as a nation. That I believe is the most important thing we can learn from this man.

#RIP sir, may history regard you as a good man.

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