“Day of Action” Echo
Stephen R. Fox

“Boston Party” Echo

Revisiting the Choose Must playlist: Day 10

29 April 2016
I wish I could remember what the hell the inspiration for this one was. It’s called “Boston Party” because it was released on Patriots’ Day, but the riff came from lord knows where.

There’s four different guitar tracks through most of this, each mirroring the other, a distorted and clean recording in each channel. The two heavy tracks have two completely different amp settings, both heavily distorted, while the clean takes are very similar, just with two different guitars — a Les Paul on the left side and an RD Standard on the right.

I love the drums on this one. After nine days of playing with the preset drum sounds, I think I had finally gotten ahold of how much power editing the settings could unleash. I was shortening and extending sections so that the fills became more complex. I was dropping short presets in the middle of measures. I was discovering how much more dynamism I could impart in a section by just breaking up the same repeating pattern and changing just one or two tiny variables, like simplicity or loudness.

Another way I added some dimension to this one was to throw in an extra guitar; there is another guitar part layered on just before the washed out closing. It’s the only section with five layers of guitar. I used the RD through a bass rig set up that added a deep but trebly tone reminiscent of the guitar sound on the Guided By Voices “I am A Scientist” single. I think I should have kept it going all the way through the end, because I notice it when it drops out. I guess Cinderella was right — you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.

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