“Eye Lines” Echo
Stephen R. Fox

“Dank Ewe” Echo

Revisiting the Choose Must playlist: Day 47

05 June 2016
Watt can I say, I was on a bit of a Minutemen, fIREHOSE, and Dos jag. It obviously influenced what I was trying to do on this one. I started with the bass line. It was one of the few times so far that I built the entire song off the bass idea first. The drums fell pretty naturally around the bass line I got down, but I added a little flanger at the end to spice things up a bit.

Next, I added the guitar parts. This was pretty hard because although I’ve always appreciated D. Boon’s playing and writing, I’ve never tried to emulate it. What I ended up with is two tracks worth of two very different ideas. The first is just a simple arpeggio made out of the notes in the bass run. For the second part, I took those same note and created some staccato chords out of them, joining each with a little run in between.

I like when I take chances like this. Even when they don’t turn out like I intended, they usually show that I’m capable of creating something very different from what I am comfortable doing. These stretches into new territory always lead me to learn something. I’m glad that this one taught me more about Boon.

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