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Revisiting the Choose Must playlist: Day 28

17 May 2016
Star Wars has always been huge for me. Granted, I wasn’t as fervent a fan after what I like to call “The Jar Jar Years,” but the saga has always meant a lot to me. A New Hope was the first movie I ever saw in a theater.

When my mother went into labor with what tuned out to be my brother, I spent the night at my Mom’s aunt’s house, and then went to the movies the next day with my Dad and his brother, Tom.

I still get chills when I hear a TIE Fighter.

Thanks to the first trailer for The Force Awakens, my trust in the epic was restored. If you remember, I used the release of that first trailer on #StarWarsCelebration day as my inspiration for Day 11. So on 04 May, I picked up my guitar, inspired by a friend’s #MayThe4thBeWithYou Tweet, to pay homage to The Force as best as I could.

Obviously, I took a lot of liberties about where I got the melody. But I liked trying to replicate it with a pair of guitars instead of a symphony in London under the baton of John Williams. I also reprised the “Imperial March” bass line I used on “A Newer Hope.”

When that solo comes in, I feel like I’m six years old again. And then I want to call my brother.

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