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Revisiting the Choose Must playlist: Day 64

22 June 2016 
I came up with this idea while at a conference. A great conference, but not the one you might think. This was the inaugural Layers conference. The 2016 edition just wrapped up, but you can still see what you missed.

One of the reasons Layers happens in mid-June is to take advantage of some of the great people already in town for WWDC. At the 2015 event, Apple announced their new operating system, El Capitan. Since I was so focused on Layers, I banged this one out pretty quickly as an homage to a fairly ridiculous name for an operating system.

I threw in as many clichés as I could come up with for this campy excursion. I wouldn’t rank this one in the top half of my favorites from the project, but I got it out there despite being fairly consumed with the new ideas I was learning at Layers. I was just happy to be able to out a new one out. And to be so close to the end.

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