“Nine for Seven” Echo
Stephen R. Fox

“Empericalism” Echo

Revisiting the Choose Must playlist: Day 7

26 April 2016
I wanted this one to feel British. I mimicked Vox amps, I made the drums a little muddy and thuddy, and I added an expansive chorus with a ton of reverb. Oh, and the tambourine makes a return appearance.

If you listen closely, you can hear that the bass drops out almost entirely a couple of times. Also, the opening is just a single guitar with that stuttering drum line. I was trying to add some depth by piling up and removing tracks throughout. The chorus with the ringing guitars is the densest section of the entire song, eight tracks: five of guitar, two of bass, and the drums.

The melody in the chorus is driven mostly by the bass. I was trying to put it front and center, but as I added guitars, I ended up liking it more as a hidden gem underneath the swirl of distortion. It was as much Jesus and Mary Chain as Mercury Rev.

I also wanted to play around with all that reverb, so I kept plugging in and unplugging guitars instead of pausing the recording of certain tracks. That’s how I got those apocalyptic crashes here and there. I liked the dystopian feeling of guitars meeting their echoey demise as soon as they had outlived their usefulness. Feel-good hit of the summer, right?

\m/ #100DaysEcho

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