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Revisiting the Choose Must playlist: Day 77

05 July 2016
When my brother got hired at Vox Media, I was elated. He’s had some pretty cool jobs — MLB.com, the Tampa Bay Lightning, The New Republic — but this felt like something entirely new and potentially groundbreaking. And having written songs for him before, I went back to that same bag of tricks.

I used just four tracks again — I liked the outcome from having that constraint in previous posts. With only two guitar tracks, I was forced to create some texture by writing to entirely different, but complimentary, parts. The right side is more rhythmic and staccato, while the left one runs around making most of the melodic choices.

When it came time to put the bass down, I tried to make sure it balanced with both, banging out a bouncing bottom end between beats. It’s overdriven quite a bit, but I like the texture it adds. With only four tracks, it had to do much more than it was originally asked. Just like almost every one of my brother’s recent gigs.

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