Journal Journey

Week 1: 03 January 2016

New Years’ resolutions are bullshit. But a new year is a good time to try and create a new habit. So, in that vein, I’m going to use 2016 to reestablish a habit I wish I practiced more: writing. Why am I telling you this? Well, I need you to help keep me on task. For the next 52 weeks, I’m going post a story. Some may be about an event from the week, others will be tales from my past, but all of them will be an attempt to flex some muscles that I want to make sure remain limber.

You can expect some reminiscing about my time with flanders, or reliving some of the many, many live shows I don’t want to forget, or finally getting around to recording more of the memories from the six World Cups I’ve been to.

These posts may be short, like this one, or some may end up being rambling, self-indulgent strolls down memory lane. Either way, please feel free to weigh in and help me with some of the foggier details about that one band at the Cow Haus or a match in Sapporo or a half-empty gig in Rochester. I will be using some of my old journals to help eliminate a few of the cobwebs, but there are definitely large gaps in there. And probably a few necessary redactions.

Ultimately, I want to get some of these memories down so that we can restart the conversations we used to have when we experienced events together. I miss learning about your favorite live band. I miss arguing with you about the best match we’ve ever seen. I miss explaining who I voted for in 2000. I miss talking to you in general. So, here’s an attempt to give us some — well, not conversation starters, because we used to talk regularly for years — but conversation re-starters. I’d like to think that they’ll all be happy memories, but that’s not how life works, is it?

I’ll ask in advance for some forgiveness, as well. I’m hoping to be pretty fearless in sharing these tales, laying bare a lot of the internal turmoil I was going through during some of the most amazing parts of my life. I learned a lot — mostly what not to do — and I feel like the distance between then and now has allowed me a perspective that may help us both rekindle what time, tempers, or travels may have doused. Tune in next week, and let’s see where this journey takes us.

Oh, and if you have a favorite moment we shared — or photos, set lists, ticket stubs, anything really, that could help rekindle a memory and recreate a moment — I’d love to hear about it. Especially if it means we’ll get together to talk about it again.

Happy new year.