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Week 23: 05 June 2016

Today is my birthday. And while these weekly missives have usually been a way to look back at my earlier writing through the lens of the previous week’s events, today’s entry begs a longer look back.

I don’t have a specific passage I want to point to. Rather, I want to use this week’s entry to talk more about the community who reads these — basically, you.

Some of you reading this are close friends. Others are people I mainly know online. Some are close, despite being far away. But we get to be together here. And here. And sometimes here. Very rarely here, but you know that already. These online spaces have increased exponentially the places I make new friends.

The first communities I found online were based around music. I quickly found my tribe on Soundgarden and Foo Fighters fan sites. I contributed set lists and photos and promo items, and learned how powerful the connection with others online can get. One of the other lessons I learned was that no matter how much we differed on other topics, we could always find common ground in a shared love of music.

My next sense of community came with Flickr. Many others have written much more eloquently than I about that disappointing decline, specifically Mat Honan, but the people I met there became friends, and introduced me to a world of new possibilities here in San Francisco.

Back in Florida, most of my friends came from the music scene or the soccer fields. When they overlapped, I was in heaven. What I love about the communities we can create online is that no matter what we love, we can fairly easily find others who do, too.

So, no matter how we met, or the path that brought you here now, I want to say thank you. Thank you for reading this, or anything I’ve ever written. Thank you for being part of my community. Thank you for spending part of my birthday with me.

Let’s do it again soon.

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