“Cordless Chords” Echo
Stephen R. Fox

“Round Trip” Echo

Revisiting the Choose Must playlist: Day 53

11 June 2016 
This was a pure exploration of what it might have been like to record at Abbey Road. I wanted this one to feel like the tracks were recorded parts-at-a-time, then bounced down to one side or the other. I even threw in some reverse tape effects for good measure.

Since I was in a George Martin state of mind, I needed the songwriting to reflect something he would deign worthy of his time. I stayed away from any heavy distortion, and recorded a single track of guitar playing the entire song. I went back in and added the drums on the same, left side.

On the right side, I recorded the entire bass line. Then, I topped it here and there with some guitar augmentations — a few strummed chords, some reinforcing of the main idea, and a little noodling riff which I also used in the reversed section I mentioned before.

This ended up being a lot more fun that I had anticipated. I wanted to come back to this technique later in the project, but I kept getting distracted by other ideas. That’s not something most people complain about, but I’d still like another shot at this approach at some point soon.

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