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Stephen R. Fox

“Spinning with Dublin” Echo

Revisiting the Choose Must playlist: Day 78

06 July 2016
I’m a light-weight. Just a couple of drinks is all it takes. This is both a blessing and a curse. So when my old team got together in downtown SF, joining them for a round or two had a few more repercussions than I had planned.

I left Symantec in May of last year. A couple of months later, most of my team from around the globe had come to town for an on-site conference. As the events concluded, they celebrated at a few watering holes. I got a late start, meeting up with them around 10 p.m. where they were finishing dinner. We closed the place down, and headed for stop number two: House of Shields. After hours of catching up, and knocking more than a few back, I had an unsettling revelation: I still needed to write, record, and post a song.

I took an Uber home. I think. When I finally got home, I punched out some drums, grabbed the closest guitar I could find, pressed record, and hoped for the best. The guitar you hear here is the second of two takes. The first was an exploratory mess. The second one is more coherent, but not much cleaner. It was good enough. On ti the bass.

I moved the guitar to the left and started laying a bass idea on the right. There wasn’t much to it, really — I just followed what the guitar was already doing. By now, however, the room was starting to spin, and I needed to lay down. I did one pass on the bass track, mixed it as fast as I could, and Tweeted out the results.

Then I fell asleep on the couch. I was happy to reconnect, even happier to get the recording done. I guess now I know what it must be like to be in Guided By Voices.

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