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Revisiting the Choose Must playlist: Day 67

25 June 2016 
My friend Spencer is very talented. Much more talented than I am. He’s probably a better guitar player. He’s definitely a better writer. But please don’t tell him that. Ever. He’d never let me forget it.

He moved to San Francisco just over a year ago. And, in what felt like just a few hours, had already found his tribe. He went to meet-ups. He established a local. He made friends quickly and easily. One of these numerous efforts led to a fiction group he worked with regularly.

In mid-June of last year, he invited me to go to a reading at Green Apple Books. He was sharing some of the new stuff he had written. He was already part of the scene. And, in typical San Francisco fashion, I missed it thanks to an unreliable Muni option.

We hung out in the store for a while afterwards, picking up a few sale titles, and then headed across the street for some suds. We stayed for a good long time. I got home really late, still having to post a new song. Thank heaven for loops.

I made a simple drum track that repeated for the entire piece. Then, I played one chord — I think it was an F, for Fleury— once every measure with a ton of effects on it. I did it again, with different effects, placing the new chord in a different part of each measure. I repeated this two more times so that the same chord, but with very different sounds, occurs four times per measure for all the measures. Then, I added single Fs moving up and down the scale until the close.

Overall, it’s not a bad effort after starting from nothing. The song’s not too bad either.

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