“Eyelash Lullabye” Echo
Stephen R. Fox

“The Time for Tomes” Echo

Revisiting the Choose Must playlist: Day 30

19 May 2016
Bedtime was a hot topic around the house. So was story time. Each was starting to drag on and on, later and later into each evening. This meant two things: Our daughter was sleeping even less than usual, and I was getting even fewer hours to focus on making these songs. I had to start experimenting less, relying more on the tricks I already knew, like layers and layers of guitars.

There are eight different guitar sections, dropping in an out, adding their own type of sizzle. The only time they are all playing together is at the close — I seem to have a fondness for trying to find a big finish.

I played two identical bass tracks as well. I wanted a chorus effect on the bass line, but all the preprogrammed ones fell short of what I was looking for, so I faked it with the two tracks panned slightly left and right. They stay like that for most of the song, except in the bridge, where I only use one so you can focus more on the ringing arpeggios; I went a little overboard with those, but I still like it.

If I remember right, right after I got done recording, I had to go in and read yet another story. Sleep is for the weak. And childless.

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