Republicans gaslight the public that President Biden & the Democrats caused inflation.

Trump blew up the Federal deficit by 7.8 trillion dollars. To paraphrase former Speaker of the House, Tip O’Niell, “A trillion here, a trillion there, & pretty soon you’re talking about real money”. This deficit included a 2 trillion tax give away to the very wealthy & major corporations. He gave other goodies to the rich in a way that would make a drunken sailor barf.

President Bush & Obama engaged in deficit spending also, but not nearly to this degree. In President Obama’s case, he had to after Republican deregulation destabilized the economy in 2008. He saved us from a major recession & even a depression.

Part of Trump’s deficit spending was a 3 trillion Covid stimulus package without any real oversight, a boondoggle of graft & corruption for his cronies. President Biden might be faulted for overstimulating the economy by following up with another 2 trillion Covid stimulus package, but the economy was facing the possibility of a very major downturn that he averted. It’s hard for the public to understand the implications of what didn’t happen.

President Biden also doesn’t get full credit for getting shots in arms & helping control the pandemic, as well as passing the powerful infrastructure bill, which will have very beneficial long term effects.

Trump’s immigration policies created labor shortages in many areas, that led to wage increases, good for workers, but they raised prices for consumers.

His tariffs on China raised prices at places like Walmart, where many lower income people shop.

Trump administration put pressure on the Fed to keep interest rates low, improving the economy during the Trump years. They should have taken the punch bowl away a long time ago, but now we have runaway inflation of 8.6%. The Fed has to slam on the breaks, causing a large stock & bond selloff & a very likely recession.

Republicans blame President Biden for inflation, but they have largely caused it. They have no idea what to do to lower it. Are the people dumb enough to fall for this bamboozle???



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Remiforce Mils

Professional in career development administration, Interest in politics and current affairs. Religious agnostic