Clash Between Our Values & Our Stuff Value

After I ‘d enjoyed baseball match cheering for Padres team versus Dodgers I stopped by Padres Shop and started staring to the patches & T-shirts which as usual happened with me each time facing something I like it . Certainly, If I like it I should get it that how was it going each time and eventually I end up with huge store holding many stuff I barely could remember why I ‘d bought some of them in the first place. I tiptoed through the shop attempting to restrain my acquisition appetite & avoiding any expected purchasing to be occurred , meanwhile I questioned myself golden 3 questions I ‘d watched one of TED’s talker did while he emphasised philosophy of acquisition and being addicted to acquisition (AA) therapy . Yes , literary he said therapy & I totally do agree with him . Fortunately, and for the first time it worked out with me and I ‘d left the shop happily for what I attained it and I saw that girl on the picture which I took on the metro while I was coming back home with her 20 $ Casio watch and Canon 1000 $ Camera which stroke me again and leaded me to one more convincemnt . Actually, those 3 golden rescuing questions crucially effected my acquisition habit and facilitate copping with new amazing situation of changing the way we are looking to the stuffs and fill our desire with reasonable meditation status funneled from these golden questions : “Will it make me happier? Do I really need it ? , How soon will I get rid of It “ . The girl with Casio watch and the Camera cut last thread I was hanging on for the acquisition need or desire since she was optimising core function of her own items by appreciating real value of the item which noble decision couldn’t be taken instantly and it’s not an easy to most of us since most of the time we are running after the brand name , make of origin ignoring stuff’s real value which accumulatively start making us struggle to survive against our stuff on our houses in term of space and worth . Putting all of those thoughts in one equation along with appreciating what we have which technically giving us exactly what we need like the watch with 25 $ like the one with 20,000 $ will make us overcome acquisition bad habit and gradually eliminate that concept from our daily life which will make us visualize the things not just on their perceived value whihc is make it valuable for us for a moment it couldn’t sometimes last more than hours, to understand and appreciate concept of real value .