Follow your inner compass

Play is the way nature invented learning. So introduce play to your everyday.

Words by Floris Koot
Founder of Knowmads

There are universal principles and there a personal principles.

Sometimes the way everyone tells you how it works, just doesn’t work that way for you.

That’s when you need to find a very personal way that does.

The three essential things I love to be clear about:

1) Don’t act out of anxiety. People smell anxiety and it means the money you seek (as payment or investment) is more important to you than what you offer.

2) All starters get helped with realizing their plan. “We help you make it work.” Yet some plans are plain stupid, silly, self inflating, overreaching, arrogant or spoiled child plans. If your plan isn’t contributing to something bigger than your ego, lust or fear, it should die.

3) Don’t/do believe these tips. Follow your inner compass.

Next, bring play to your work & life

Play is the way nature invented learning.

Playing means putting your whole system on fire and have all senses open. When you play your work, it’s incredible how many new ideas, possibilities you can literally experience within minutes and how easily, without feelings of failure, you adjust everything that doesn’t work, or doesn’t bring the right amount of excitement to where it does.

Consider yourself pouring coffee at Starbucks. How many ways can you do that task? How many different ways are there to connect to people and bring a smile to their faces? How many ways to turn the actual movements into dance, art or, as most businesses seem prefer, more effective and safe?

Introduce play to your everyday, and follow your inner compass.

Floris co-founded Knowmads, to encourage individuals and organisations to expand their horizons, and he’ll be camping with us at the Summercamp in September. He can walk into any room (or barn in our case) and bring radical ideas to everyone in the space that challenge thinking.

“How we can make money from our weaknesses?”

This is the question Floris will asking to campers in his thought-provoking talk. He’ll tell us how to unblock yourself from wrestling with your weaknesses, reframing them as strengths to find success through using them. He’ll show us why being doubtful, lazy, arrogant, or uptight can actually have treasures within. We don’t have to solve life’s paradox to be successful, and he’ll share with us his story, making more money from his weaknesses than his best skills, to prove why.

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