Harness the power of the Hybrid Cloud and AI to drive innovation — March 13th 2018

On Tuesday March 13th, NextWorld and Leading Edge Forum welcomed executives from top European corporates and leading Silicon Valley start-ups for an evening of panels and networking around Big Data and AI.

May 25th is the date. If you do business in Europe and handle directly or indirectly consumer data, you already know that this is when GDPR comes into force. We first addressed the issue about a year ago highlighting the fact that even US tech startups would be impacted by this new regulation. Across Europe, GDPR has been a catalyst in companies of all sizes to realize the importance of privacy and security issues. It has kept boards, management and consultants busy.

Bad news is that you haven't done anything yet, it is probably too late to be ready for…

We’re excited to announce Simon Webster as an Advisor in Residence at NextWorld.

Simon brings over 30 years of experience in enterprise software with a proven track record in executive management. For the past 3 years, he’s been the SVP & GM EMEA at DataStax, where he consistently delivered record results and built a strong operational team. Previously he led different sales and operational teams in enterprise software companies from HP, Siebel, Peregrine, Touchpaper, nlyte to 1E.

Simon’s expertise and experience is in scaling up companies across EMEA and building “high performing teams.” …

Artificial Intelligence — from hybrid cloud to edge computing

On December 11, 2017, we had the pleasure of hosting our Paris Enterprise Innovation Forum. The evening saw speakers from some leading Silicon Valley start-ups and from top European Corporates come to discuss how to harness the power of hybrid cloud and AI to drive innovation.

It was just a few years ago that the “Big Data” wave started. As companies have built the foundations, focus has now shifted to the next revolution: Artificial Intelligence. The next challenge is to leverage edge computing, often required by the Internet of Things, while capitalising on the breakthrough in hybrid computing.

Last week was an historical milestone in the divorce process between the United Kingdom and the European Union, the famous Brexit. After several months of difficult negotiations and a last minute near collapse, both parties agreed to settle the divorce part of the deal and move on to discuss a free trade agreement. This was a very positive news for business, as failure to agree on this first step would have likely led to the UK crashing out of the EU without a deal. This initial agreement covers three topics: the rights of EU citizens living in the UK (and…

The global IT buying landscape has become increasingly flat and concentrated in recent years, with a dominant share of enterprise technology innovation coming out of the U.S. As a result, the largest IT customers worldwide look globally, and foremost in the U.S., for companies that have reached early-revenue stage credibility. This has led U.S. enterprise startups to be pulled international more quickly, and many are eager for expert help to take advantage of this opportunity.

At NextWorld Capital’s 1 to 100 conference, I had an opportunity to discuss best practices for international expansion with current and former executives from several…

Disrupting business models and exploring Big Data usages

On June 27th, NextWorld Capital hosted a Thought Leadership Forum in Milan’s Palazzo Parigi. Together with leading European and Italian corporates we looked into innovation trends and discussed how start-ups are working with them.

During the last week of March, NextWorld Capital had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from the French tech association IMA in San Francisco.

Innovation Makers Alliance (IMA) and NextWorld Capital

Innovation Makers Alliance (IMA) is a leading French tech community, which organises innovation summits as well as learning expeditions focused on specific themes — in our case, Silicon Valley and Artificial Intelligence — for a senior audience from several French corporates.

“These expeditions follow themes, allowing operational people like us to experience this…and they bring together different French companies, allowing for a very different quality of interactions”. — Yann Bathelemy, Societe Generale CIB

Decathlon’s Herve Lautier…

If you are a US tech startups, you probably have never heard about GDPR. However, if you do business in Europe, or with European consumers, you will hear about it soon and should get on top of it.

Frederic HALLEY

Investor focusing on software, internet and ecommerce. Operating Partner at @nextworldcap

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