I’m putting all that to the side in the name of courage. If my statement today costs me some political capital, I’m willing to live with that. If it cost me votes, so be it. If it costs me my job, I’ll return to private life knowing that I was willing to risk it all and put my reputation and my career on the line by speaking my personal truth. Like it or not, this has to be said. Someone has to stand up and speak truth to power. I can’t stay silent because someday, I want my children to be able to look back at this moment and know that their father had the courage to stand on the shoulders of the great leaders in human history
To My Fellow Americans…
Dave Pell

This is how a Leader should ALWAYS speak.

To set politics and parties aside

And to focus on improving our society not following the party’s agenda, spread populism or scheme to collect votes for the next election. A Leader should care about creating something that is rational, objective to the common good keeping in mind to unite and not divide people. A Leader should know that his mandate is temporary and to serve the nation means also to leave a stable government to the next candidate even if it’s from the opposition, to leave something that others can work on/with.

I know that there are also good politicians who maybe follow one or more of these values and actually are passionate about their job but nowadays ignorance and bigotry too often outshine rational thinking and open mindness so it’s on us to spread positivity and make it louder.