Bruh, girl’s underwear, and 3 other rain makers

What makes bullshit titles so catchy?

11 reasons why your boyfriend looks at girls with large breasts. Everyone knows why, so why would anyone click on this link? Because we’re all fucking crazy!

And all we care about is sex, money and power. If you don’t believe that, you either don’t get it or are in denial, both bad places to be.

The people selling us all shit ALL know this. Where do you spend your time, on The Chive app looking at girls, cars and $100m homes or the Path app talking to 150 of your closest friends, family and confidants? The Chive!

No one gives a shit about our do-good products, unless it in some way directly or indirectly makes them feel like it helps them in their pursuit of more sex, money or power.

Often times, just by speaking with authority, people will assume that what you are saying is correct.

Business Insider and Buzzfeed have mastered this. Plus our brains are wired to receive information in frames, so bullet points and listicles are perfect.

Proceed. I’m looking for 17 ways to fund a startup without personal loans or VC money, if anyone can share that listicle.

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