You Better Be a Punk
Adam Marx

Great post man. Even a great product (song, movie, app, book, etc.) by an unknown creator (or creator group) will have a very difficult time getting distribution. ‘Celebrity’ (i.e. status, power, wealth, pedigree, tier 1 connections) is one of the only ways to ensure a chance of widespread dissemination, but the challenge of getting the ‘product’ right can’t be underestimated. The stars must align for a nobody (aka me and 99.9% of humanity) to both get the product right, at the right time, and get it distributed to a large swath of the world’s consumers that might be interested (e.g. the many celebrity product failures we have seen rise and fall in real time, or, on the other hand, Amy Schumer (good product) and her cousin Senator Chuck Schumer (distribution)). Hence the reason why the 99.9% should do / create something that they love, both the creation process and the end product, because then we’ll at least have one customer. Another way to do it is through the creation of a movement (e.g. MLK, Jr., Ghandi, etc.), but people must be prepared to invest 10–30 years and in some cases give their life for the cause. As Jaron Lanier says, “we’re entering the era of Digital Athens,” where everyone’s an artist or creator, living modestly yet with all of the comforts and luxuries of prior decade aristocrats. I guess we should be grateful(?).