The Internet Games

The Internet Games, beginning December 1, 2014, is our first major, public, $10k monthly contest (read: ‘challenge’ game) on an app we recently released called Spotlight, a new contest-based social network.

Spotlight is not meant for contests such as winning a Big Mac or daily What’s-For-Breakfast posts. It’s meant for challenges to have people develop their talents and skills and become comfortable sharing their work in front of the world, something I think everyone wishes they had started doing sooner than later.

Yes, The Internet Games is a cheesy play on The Hunger Games.

But I love The Hunger Games (version 1 at least), and it’s incessant and overt dramatizations of:

Love. Risk. Dreams. Adventure. Challenges. Alliances. Betrayal. Defeat. Victory. Illusion. Broken promises. Battles. Fear. Danger. Reclamation. Warriors. Mystery. Abandon. Darkness. Cold. Forgiveness. Escape and secrets.

Who doesn’t love a secret? And everyone should have a secret plan*. Everyone loves secret plans.

Each week during The Internet Games, where 100 contestants participate, people post content on a daily basis according to themes: Society, Power, Culture, the Environment and Survival.

At the end of each week, half of the participants are eliminated determined by who has the least number of likes, until finally, in the last week of December, 10 people remain and then the 1st place ($6,000), 2nd place ($2,000), 3rd place ($1,000) and 4th place ($500) winners are crowned. There is also a $500 prize for the person that refers the winner.

The Hunger Games is all about building alliances and survival, and so are The Internet Games.

90 of the 100 spots are full, and people can apply here if they would like to fill one of the last ten spots.

It will be interesting to see how this goes. I know the existing community on Spotlight is excited about it but it’s been challenging to explain the contest to new potential contestants.

I’m most proud of our team building such an amazing new product (The Internet Games) inside of our new app (Spotlight). Plus I know being in the audience and a judge of The Internet Games is going to be one of the coolest experiences of my life. The key question is, should we explore active marketing to bring The Internet Games to a wider audience in future months or should we make the foolish assumption that word of mouth will help this new challenge expand? Or, maybe we have a secret plan? Time will tell…


“You must always have a secret plan. Everything depends on this: it is the only question. So as not to be conquered by the conquered territory in which you lead your life, so as not to feel the horrible weight of inertia wrecking your will and bending you to the ground, so as not to spend a single night more wondering what there is to do or how to connect with your neighbors and countrymen, you must make secret plans without respite. Planfor adventure, plan for pleasure, plan do pandemonium, as you wish; but plan, lay plans constantly.

And when you come to, on the steps of the presidential palace, in the green grass beside the highway, in your cell’s gloomy solitude, your secretplan finished or foiled, ask your comrades, as your cellmates, ask the wind, the waves, the stars, the sea, ask everything that ponders, everything that wanders, everything that sings, everything that stings- ask them what time it is; and your comrades, your cellmates, the wind, the waves, the stars, the sea all will answer: “It is time for a new secret plan. So as not to be the martyred slave of routine, plan adventure, plan pleasure, planpandemonium, as you wish; but plan, plan secretly and without respite.” *

* from “Recipes for Disaster, An Anarchist Cook” released by Crimethinc

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