What’s The Point Of Anything?

Why do we do anything?

A constant stream of push and pull.

Consume, produce.

Angst, boredom.

Struggle, then fail or achieve. What’s the difference?

We’re still a day closer to death.

Check our phones.

What a cruel joke.

I’ll travel! That will fix it.

Now I’ll get a job. Stable and secure. Booorrrring.

I’ll start a startup! Eureka. Launch, rise, grow, die.

Marriage and kids! That’s it.

So busy I can’t find a second of freedom. The struggle enriches, in a convoluted way.

We feel a purpose, to produce thriving offspring.

And then talk about it, to fill our days.

Yearning for the past, the days of ease, nostalgic.

Time pushing us like a bulldozer to the cliff of obscurity.

A new book! I got it.

Maybe I’ll try theater!

And writing!

More for others to consume in their cycles.

Community is the answer. Collective struggle. We’ll do this together.

Do what?

Is Elon Musk testing all of the above with the Hyperloop, SpaceX and Tesla? Are they manifestations of his existential angst?

Why does he even get out of bed in the morning?

It’s probably best to be a part of something and not think about the above. Hopefully you didn’t even read the above, because it’s not true.

The world has a purpose for each of us, as evidenced by:

  • The Alchemist
  • The Purpose Driven Life

And the other self help best sellers.

Get on a train, get into drama, cause a commotion, because you can.

It won’t matter other than giving people like me something to think and talk about.

Consider this: New York City is about 250 years old. Before then, it was densely populated with trees, grass, hills, streams and valleys.

MAN created New York. The Dutch did. Strictly for money.

To find new ways to make money. Mainly from beaver skins. It wasn’t a religious center.

It was all about trade for creating wealth. It had no other purpose.

New York feels like it’s been the way it is now since the beginning of time.

There, we created the stock market, out of thin air, capitalism and modern journalism.

There was nothing ideological about its development. People wanted money to buy food, shelter and water.

That’s why people got up and did something.

What do we do at our jobs now? Does anyone actually make anything?